Kau Buat Ku Menangis

Kau Buat Ku Menangis

Internet problem lagi. Alhamdulillah ada sumber internet yang lain..Mobile data. Tapi tak boleh lama-lama..buka sekejap je..bil telefon nanti laju plak naik mencanak hehe. Terus buka Muka Buku.. ku terpana seketika pada status FB suamiku .. tetiba bergenang airmata bila baca apa yg suamiku tulis…


Sacrifies and Dreams

8 years ago…

She just graduated for her bachelor degree..and yet choose to marry me and follow me to France..
She sacrifices her dream ..and said..MY Success is her dream

4 years ago…
I got my PhD and returnback to Malaysia..She is my backbone on my success.. She choose to stay at home as a housewife rather than go to work in order to take care our children..another sacrifice that i wont forget..

3 years ago..

She asked me to buy her Shaklee supplement.. Yet with those sacrifies..i said “NO!..NO!..NO!”..cause i hate supplement and just Wasting money! Although..she bougt shaklee secretly from my biras Nur Zahirah 

2years ago..
I asked her to join Shaklee…cause we are eating alot of shaklee products..why dont become a member? She refused..yet..layer she registered. This time..the decision that change her life alot which i myself cannot imagine..atleast her life is better than before

Now…after 2 years..
i m standing besides her..under her dream to touch the skiy..i ll give her 100% support on her mission to help others..Shaklee really change our life together..
My special gratitude ..appreciation..congratulation for your success Rokiah Abd Hamid…may your dream come true..and this is the time to pay back the sacrifice that you did it to me.thank you

Awards @ Shaklee National Conference June 2014

Awards @ Shaklee National Conference June 2014


ku bersyukur dengan anugerah ‘kasih sayang’ dari MU.

Inilah hadiah paling berharga sempena ulangtahun perkahwinan kami yg ke-8 pada 3 Jun.


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